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Pro Athletes Reveal, In Their Own Words, How They Went From Rich to Broke

It’s easy to look at the insanely lucrative paydays that athletes get and respond with jealousy, frustration, or both. via: The Chive But the truth is, once the checks start rolling in, friends and family put their hands out. That, combined with expensive spending habits, as well as a belief

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Toyota’s Self-Driving Car More of a Smart Co-Pilot

LAS VEGAS – Are we ready for self-driving cars? Google’s got some competition on the road these days. Toyota introduced its Advanced Active Safety Research Vehicle at the 2013 International CES. We got a chance to catch up with Jim Pisz, corporate manager of North American business strategy for

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Chelsea Clinton aims for Trump on memory issues, punches her mom in the face by accident

Chelsea, you know there’s a difference between misspeaking & lying right? Trump misspoke. Your parents are liars. – Philip Schuyler (@FiveRights) April 13, 2017 Lots of folks are making a big deal out of this clip from Donald Trump’s interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox

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Dr. Dre Sells Beats To Apple And Announces It On Selfie Video (and Other Business News)

Burger King will now serve burgers at breakfast Through a new program called ‘Burgers at Breakfast’ Burger King will be serving, you guessed it, burgers at breakfast. In addition to burgers, the morning menu will also include chicken sandwiches, French fries, and apple pie, allowing Americans

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