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EU immigration ‘likely to continue for some years’ after Brexit

Whitehall thinktank says it is unfeasible to fully create and implement a new immigration policy by the end of the two-year article 50 deadline European Union citizens will be free to come to the UK for several years after Brexit despite repeated promises from leave campaigners that restrictions

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Climate change impacts are already hitting us, say Europeans

New polling study also shows support for financial penalties for nations that refuse to be part of Paris climate deal, as Donald Trump has threatened The citizens of four major European countries think the impacts of climate change such as severe floods and storms are already affecting them,

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Man of the people is attracting voters fed up with Merkels reign | Hans Kundnani

Neither charismatic nor visionary, he has proved unexpectedly popular since announcing he would run to be chancellor Until a couple of weeks ago, it seemed that one of the few things you could be certain about in a time of huge uncertainty elsewhere in the west was that Angela Merkel would

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