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Guardian and Observer to relaunch in tabloid format

Newspapers to move to smaller size and outsource printing to Trinity Mirror as part of three-year cost-saving plan The Guardian and Observer will relaunch in a tabloid format next year as part of a three-year plan to break even in their finances. Guardian Media Group (GMG), the parent company of

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BBC apologises for misleading documentary on ‘drunken’ Aboriginal community

Wilcannia residents accuse presenter of unethical behaviour, including filming people drinking heavily at a wake, but presenting it as a drunken party The BBC has apologised for a misleading documentary on an Aboriginal community in regional Australia, after angry residents accused presenter

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Photo of Hillary Clinton reading news Pence used AOL email goes viral

Photo shows the former presidential candidate reading an article about the vice-president using private email to discuss sensitive matters as Indiana governor A photograph of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton looking at a newspaper headline about vice-president Mike Pence dropped.

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Spinal Tap creators aim to ‘go to 11’ with $400m lawsuit

Harry Shearer joined by fellow band members and director Rob Reiner in claim Vivendi has not fully shared profits Read more: http://www.theguardian.com/us

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The Atlantic Launches Mobile-First Business Publication, ‘Quartz’

Quartz, a digital-only business publication from The Atlantic Media Company, went live Monday afternoon. It joins the conglomerate’s growing list of digital assets, a portfolio that includes TheAtlantic.com, TheAtlanticCities.com, TheAtlanticWire.com and NationalJournal.com, among others. The

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50 Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed

Has your love of Mashable’s newest channel Watercooler turned into a full-blown addiction? You’re not alone, and you don’t need help. It’s perfectly healthy to be obsessed with Nyan Cat, stripper parody videos and Pee-wee Herman dubs – at least, that’s what we keep telling ourselves. There is,

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